Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation
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  According to relevant data, the job market for mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation has always been optimistic, and it will become a favorite of the job market at present and in the future. Then, please follow the author to take a look at the employment prospects of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation.

  The status quo of machinery design and manufacturing and its automation industry:

  Relevant experts said that in recent years, my country’s large-scale industries have gradually recovered, and the society’s demand for talents proficient in modern mechanical design and management is gradually increasing. For example, the employment rate of Beijing Institute of Machinery and Electronic Control Engineering has remained at 90% in recent years. Above, the structure and geographic area of one-time employment are very good. For a period of time from now on, mechanical talents will still be in great demand, and CNC talents with development capabilities will become the target of competition for various enterprises. The supply-demand ratio of mechanical design and manufacturing and processing machinery professionals is also very high in recent years.

  Machinery design and manufacturing and its automation employment prospects

  Mechanical machinery major mainly includes mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, material forming and control engineering, industrial design, process equipment and control engineering, etc. Many people have misunderstandings about the prospects for employment of this type of machinery major, thinking that the counterpart job of this type of machinery major does not look decent. In fact, they all neglected the breadth of adaptability of the mechanical engineering profession, such as the application in the fields of equipment maintenance, numerical control maintenance, and environmental protection equipment design. At the same time, mechanical engineering also involves many cross-disciplines. The accumulation of this knowledge also provides a strong guarantee for cross-mechanical majors and cross-industry employment. This kind of mechanical major requires students to have keen sensitivity and unique creativity, full of imagination, and strong hands-on ability.

  In fact, not all of the mechanical machinery majors are just dealing with rigid machines. For example, the industrial design machinery major is an art-related mechanical machinery major. What is industrial design? Some people think that industrial design is simple packaging. In fact, it is not. Industrial design belongs to the mechanical specialty of planning and designing modern industrial products, product structure, and industrial structure, and constantly innovating. It is the core process of transforming scientific research and technological achievements into products, forming commodities, meeting demands, and beneficial to environmental protection. It is a landing point for technological innovation and knowledge innovation, and a systematic method for the mutual transformation of products, commodities, supplies, and waste.

  The mechanical major is to cultivate the basic theory, knowledge and application ability of industrial design, and be able to engage in industrial product modeling design, visual communication design, environmental design, teaching, and scientific research in enterprises, institutions, mechanical design departments, and scientific research units. Senior specialists. How much industrial design occupies the value of a product is not easy to quantify, because it is contained in it and is a soft value.

  There are similar analogies in foreign countries. For example, the United States has such a saying: If a company invests in technological and equipment updates to bring benefits, then the benefits of industrial design are five times that of it. In this way, the important position of industrial designers is self-evident. Another example is material molding and control engineering, which is an engineering technology and machinery major that integrates materials, machinery, control, and computers. It mainly studies metal materials, non-metal materials, superconducting materials, microelectronic materials and special functional materials. Process and molding process automation and intelligent control, quality inspection and reliability evaluation, etc.

  With the wide application of various new materials in all walks of life, and the adjustment of the industrial structure of my country’s new material industry is closely related to the development of new technology of material molding equipment, it is necessary to have both material science knowledge and master material molding equipment design And the demand for high-level scientific and technological talents in manufacturing technology will increase. The process equipment and control engineering is a cross-mechanical specialty integrating mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and control engineering. Emphasizes the use of computer applications as a platform to closely integrate process, equipment and control, and focuses on the design, development and application of complete sets of process equipment and control technologies such as valve sealing, cryogenic and refrigeration, and pressure vessels.

  The students majoring in process equipment and control engineering machinery have received formal mechatronics training and possess knowledge of mechanical design, electronic control and management. They are sought-after talents for enterprises and research institutions. There are many students who encounter big problems during their graduation design and cannot make a good graduation design. In fact, many websites on the Internet can be used for reference. For example, the mechanical empire is a good exchange and sharing platform.

  The wind vane of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation professional employment

  Employment rate of graduates: 92.01%.

  Popular analysis: It is a profession aimed at cultivating modern mechanical engineers, and it is also one of the long-established professions in Chinese universities. Over the years, the mystery of its long-lasting prosperity lies in the fact that no matter how advanced the civilization of a society is, it cannot be separated from mechanical manufacturing. It is the basic guarantee for the supply of people's material and daily necessities.

  Candidate category: science and engineering.

  Employment prospects: Mainly go to the front line of industrial production to engage in design and manufacturing, scientific and technological development, application research, operation management, and business sales in the field of machinery manufacturing.

  The various directions and employment rates of this major are: mechanical manufacturing technology and equipment 88.68%, mechanical design and manufacturing 82.72%, automobiles and tractors 81.61%, rolling stock engineering 91.44%, fluid transmission and control 84.53%, vacuum technology and equipment 88.89 %, mechanical and electronic engineering 88.44%, equipment engineering and management 85.63%, metal materials and heat treatment 87.23%, casting 84.47%, plastic forming process and equipment 92.46%, welding process and equipment 92.79%.

  Machinery is currently a major with a high employment rate, but how much money you make depends on your ability in the future. Generally, graduate students are around 4,000 in the north and around 3,000 undergraduates.

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