Experts help you choose a filter press
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  If you need to buy filter press equipment, what problems should you pay attention to when purchasing the filter press you need, how can you buy suitable filter press equipment?

  When purchasing filter press equipment, we must know the purpose and object of our choice. In addition to knowing that the filter press is a filtering device that can separate solids and liquids, we also need to know the working principle of the filter press. Try to choose a filter press with a relatively low water content in the filter cake after filtration, and also choose filtration For filter press equipment with relatively high precision, the filter press equipment suitable for the filtrate must be selected according to the basic properties of the filtrate. For example, if you want to choose a filter press with low cake moisture content, you can consider a membrane filter press. If you want to choose a filter press with high filtration accuracy, you can choose a plate and frame filter press.

  After determining the type of filter press, we must patiently check the quality of the equipment. For filter press equipment, the decisive issue that affects its quality is the quality of the filter plate. Therefore, when you buy a filter press, you must carefully check the quality of the filter plate to see if the filter plate has a fine workmanship on the surface, and whether there are any defects or hollows. Secondly, if the material is environmentally friendly and tasteless, the surface is moist. It is a good filter plate that looks to have a certain degree of flexibility. In order to reduce costs, some filter press manufacturers use cast filter plates made of discarded filter plates, which has serious quality problems. So far, the company that produces better filter press equipment is Fujian Nanxing Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. The company has always adhered to the service tenet of "Thinking about everything for you" to ensure that every filter press is delivered to customers. Quality and quantity.

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